Grit's Consulting Team

Grit's Consultants are top-grade advisors assisting restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses with projects, managing change, optimizing operations, improving property, portfolio profitability, and overall health. Our consulting team is dedicated to giving you the most trustworthy, unbiased, and accurate information.


We share advice, knowledge, and know-how about projects, operations, and team management topics for hospitality professionals to leverage in their own growth, plans, and goals. 

Gaby Artola

Hospitality & Project Manager Consultant

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Gaby brings over 20 years of hospitality experience. Her strength and passion lie in curating excellence in the teams she leads and the guests she serves.  She led the Rooms Division team in achieving the coveted Forbes Five Star Award with 3 properties in her career:  The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island; Meadowood Napa Valley in St. Helena, California and The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Gaby specializes in root cause analysis and has a natural ability to suss out the source of operational and financial challenges. She has a proven track record of applying this skill to increase financial performance through increased labor efficiencies and reduction of other expenses. As a consultant, Gaby's approach is to be immersed in the operation and foster trust within the operators to come up with the property-specific approach and plan to make improvements.  From teaching a room attendant to clean a bathroom all the way to presenting to the CEO of a company, Gaby's hands-on, open-minded approach has assisted hotels in achieving their financial and service goals. 

Tabatha Goloborodko

Marketing Consultant

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My lifelong passion for the culinary world led me to Hillstone Restaurant Group and the kitchen at Gotham Bar & Grill where I cultivated my hospitality, service and knife skills. Combined with my formal marketing education and 15+ years of corporate marketing roles with premium brands including American Express, Food Network and Marriott International, I'm able to demonstrate significant value and perspective for my clients. I am well-versed in the hospitality industry and apply my organized and methodical approach to business growth to expertly serve clients from start-up, small-business to corporate organizations. Leveraging my creativity and tenacity, I develop out of the box marketing strategies, meaningful brand development work and transformational digital marketing experiences. I am proud of my work launching a pandemic born business supporting NYC bakeries called Bread Basket NYC, negotiating 30+ partnership contracts and leading digital marketing campaigns that generated $75M in incremental sales, among other key achievements.

Zoe Moore

Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant

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Zoe Moore is an Inclusive Hospitality Consultant & Strategist, Certified Diversity Practitioner (CDP). Zoe completed an M.S. in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism then started an event planning company in Oakland, CA. Learning that Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) were not prioritized in the meetings, events and tourism industry, she became an advocate to help improve dialogue and action in the areas of supplier diversity, organizational culture and diverse representation in leadership.


She is leading the dialogue around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in the meetings, events and tourism industry. Formerly of CADAZO Consulting Group, she is using her platforms to help leaders achieve supplier diversity, inclusive organizational culture and diverse representation in leadership. Zoe Moore resides in Marietta, GA. She loves homemade chocolate chip cookies, photography and traveling.

Feel free to involve to reach out to her by  #growwithzomo or @growwithzomo

Bradford Zack
Hospitality Business Consultant

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A graduate of the Cornell Hotel School, he has been applying an owned model and a transformational leadership style to revolutionize the hospitality industry. 

As a Hospitality Business Consultant and Innovator his experience of establishing and rebranding luxury hospitality destinations across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific is thoroughly tested and award winning. 

 Lessons from the Covid-Economy: staff and clientele expectations now include heightened levels of personal and group relevance & meaning, authenticity, wellbeing, flexibility, pleasure and thrift (with lower levels of frivolity, distraction, and inefficiency).  Solutions: build authentic experiences for clients and employees, leveraging indigenous knowledge, improving organizational culture, staff empowerment, enhancing wellbeing and market differentiation.