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Grit's Consultants are top-grade advisors assisting restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses with projects, managing change, optimizing operations, improving property, portfolio profitability, and overall health. Our consulting team is dedicated to giving you the most trustworthy, unbiased, and accurate information.


We share advice, knowledge, and know-how about projects, operations, and team management topics for hospitality professionals to leverage in their own growth, plans, and goals. 

Zoe Moore

Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant

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Zoe Moore has an M.S. in Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism and is the co-founder of the CADAZO Consulting Group. Zoe is also an advocate for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, committed to holding industry leaders accountable and ensuring that change is measurable and sustainable. Outside of her professional world, Moore loves homemade chocolate chip cookies, photography, and traveling.

Juyoung Kang

Consultant & Lead Bartender

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Juyoung Kang graduated from Temple University. She has 20 years in the hospitality business focusing on food and beverage and events. She has a passion for creating cohesive and engaging teams and presenting the utmost best in customer relations and service. 

Hannah Redfield

Hospitality Communications Consultant

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Hannah is an intuitive public relations professional with experience leading internal and external communications for a variety of travel and lifestyle consumer brands. She formerly served as the in-house PR representation for Arlo Hotels, establishing consistent communications across their nationwide portfolio in both domestic and international markets. She’s also worked as outside counsel with esteemed hospitality companies including The Dorchester Collection, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Auberge Resorts and more. A dive bar connoisseur, Hannah lives in Manhattan’s East Village with her rescue dog Pippa. Outside of work, she can be found rehabbing a piece of sidewalk furniture, or eating her way through a never-ending stack of cookbooks.

Gaby Artola

Hospitality & Project Manager Consultant

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Gaby brings over 20 years of hospitality experience. Her strength and passion lie in curating excellence in the teams she leads and the guests she serves.  She led the Rooms Division team in achieving the coveted Forbes Five Star Award with 3 properties in her career:  The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island; Meadowood Napa Valley in St. Helena, California and The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Gaby specializes in root cause analysis and has a natural ability to suss out the source of operational and financial challenges. She has a proven track record of applying this skill to increase financial performance through increased labor efficiencies and reduction of other expenses. As a consultant, Gaby's approach is to be immersed in the operation and foster trust within the operators to come up with the property-specific approach and plan to make improvements.  From teaching a room attendant to clean a bathroom all the way to presenting to the CEO of a company, Gaby's hands-on, open-minded approach has assisted hotels in achieving their financial and service goals. 

Carmel Benson

 Restaurateur & Consultant

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Carmel Benson has a Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has helped numerous tech companies such as Apple develop, engage & retain employees of all levels. Developing leadership teams & implementing diversity programs as well as improving community & team building. She has applied her methods to her restaurant, where customers regularly make comments about how wonderful the experience and staff are.

Bradford Zack Hospitality Business Consultant

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A graduate of the Cornell Hotel School, he has been applying an owned model and a transformational leadership style to revolutionize the hospitality industry. 

As a Hospitality Business Consultant and Innovator his experience of establishing and rebranding luxury hospitality destinations across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific is thoroughly tested and award winning. 

 Lessons from the Covid-Economy: staff and clientele expectations now include heightened levels of personal and group relevance & meaning, authenticity, wellbeing, flexibility, pleasure and thrift (with lower levels of frivolity, distraction, and inefficiency).  Solutions: build authentic experiences for clients and employees, leveraging indigenous knowledge, improving organizational culture, staff empowerment, enhancing wellbeing and market differentiation.

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