Anna Dyakiv Makes it Happen With the Celtics.

How badly do I want it? This is a question you need to ask yourself every day to create the path you desire. It is done by doing the little things and seizing every opportunity that leads you closer to your ultimate goal. Boston isn’t known as Titletown for no reason, and the Boston Celtics are no exception. However, for the Celtics, their success doesn’t just end on the court. It extends throughout the organization and its employees that help them be successful in everything they do.

Anna Dyakiv is one of those employees, but her success didn’t start within the organization. To achieve her goal of working for the Celtics, Anna knew she needed a plan. Before completing college with a double major in Sports Management and International Business, she wanted a resume that could not be ignored. How did she achieve this? She started by capitalizing on any opportunity that came her way, no matter what it was. From taking positions as a Teacher’s Assistant to a Student Ambassador to a Volunteer Translator at the Fed Cup (The World Cup of Tennis) for Women Tennis Belarus vs. the United States, Anna proved that she isn’t a person who waits for things to go her way. She is one of the few professionals that will go beyond what is required to assure she will reach her goals.

Anna Dyakiv, Boston, Celtics
Anna Dyakiv

Her mindset and will to create her own path allowed her to capitalize off an internship with the Celtics in 2014 as a part of the Fan Relations Department. During her time as an intern, she discovered her passion is to provide consumers with unforgettable experiences, as she believes great memories last for a lifetime. Even though Anna was loving her time with the Celtics, she wanted to land a full-time position within the organization, which wasn’t possible at the time. As young professional thinking of her long-term future, she took a position as an Inside Sales Representative with the Miami Marlins.

Although Anna was happy with working for the Marlins, some essential elements of the job were missing. While she continued to hustle in her current position, she kept looking for new opportunities that aligned with her passion for hospitality.

As Billy Jean King said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” After some time passed Anna received two job offers. One from the NHL Florida Panther and another from the Boston Celtics. The offer for a Full-Time position as a VIP Member Experience Executive with the Boston Celtics Anna couldn’t refuse. These opportunities were possible for her due to her unique approach in staying in contact with the organizations she was interested in.

“Swish!” is Anna’s description of her fit within her current role. While the hours may be long, no day is ever the same for her. From event planning to selling to covering and working with multiple departments, her job provides constant variety. Her reward? The memories she creates for her clients. Just ask Nico the nine-year-old kid who was part of the Courtside Kids Program Anna helped to establish. Even though Nico loves all of the Celtic players, his biggest memory to date is being on the Celtics home court. This is the reason Anna does what she does. It is the body and soul of her personal mission and what makes her so successful.

Advice from Anna Dyakiv

● Take any opportunity that comes your way even if you may be hesitant

● Stay connected and relevant with people you cross paths with

● In hospitality, you need to have an open mind and be flexible

● Be yourself and don’t fake it

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