Best restaurants to work at in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated: Feb 3

Vibrant designs, and a killer cuisine to surprise food lovers their taste buds on a completely new level, Las Olas Boulevard restaurant scene has it all and more. From the moment you enter a restaurant's door, hostesses greet diners with a warm welcome and a sense of love to set the tone for the experience they are about to receive. If you thought that's where it ended, you are wrong. Servers and managers cooperate in a steady flow as the ocean water. Restaurant staff in the area are taught to engage with their diners in a caring and professional manner, which in some way can be described as southern hospitality.

This shows that these professionals care about the guests' experience and understand that the upsell will follow if they are having a wonderful time. Genuine hospitality is what you can call it. Even though all restaurants, bars, and clubs differentiate, they all share a similarity in how they engage with their guests, function as a team, and how they treat their diners.

Below you find some of Las Olas most popular restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and lounges you could join as a team member.

S3 - Sun, Surf, and Sand:

Surrounded by breathtaking views of Fort Lauderdale beach. S3, their team creates an upscale, casual, chic, trendy, and laid-back atmosphere. The menu's concept revolves around a high-quality sushi program, coastal cuisine, and sharable plates. The restaurant is located within the Hilton hotel attracting all kinds of customers who like to experience beach views by a cozy fire at night.

It might be one of the perfect spots for tourists to enjoy coastal cuisine, drinks and admire the ocean views with a side of exotic vehicles that pass by on N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Although that sounds nice, you might wonder what kind of clientele does that attract? S3 mainly attracts young professionals and up who love to have a great time around food and drinks. Due to the scenery and its location, it is a place where people like to spend their money in a responsible manner.

If S3 sounds like a spot, you could see yourself work. Click the link to apply.


Trees, plants, cocktails, and city views are the setup at Rooftop, but can instead be described as a garden in the sky of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The natural décor is set in a swanky, laid-back atmosphere with talented mixologists crafting some of the highest quality cocktails, giving their customers drinks to come back for. As the sun sets and the night ignites/the garden, it’s energy transcends into a mix of lounge and dance because of the DJ. Behind the scenes, if you observe closely, you can see how well the team works and that their communication is on point. This is usually achieved by focusing on career development and promoting employees within.

What sets Rooftop apart from the masses is its cocktail program. The bartenders and cocktail servers together are able to push out drinks on a high volume while maintaining its quality and presentation of the drink. So if you are looking to become part of a great bar program, Rooftop might be the new team for you.


Suppose you ask locals what YOLO ('You're on Las Olas') is known for, it's an eclectic mix of contemporary American cuisine in a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere in the heart of downtown Las Olas. The restaurant is focused on creating an experience to dine, lounge, and meet up with friends. A place where people like to socialize, holding happy hours and Sunday brunches with seating for 300 people. Its open kitchen complements the culinary team their creativity and operations. Followed by two bars, an outdoor garden patio, and a courtyard lounge with an open fire pit. Attracting some sophisticated and high-end visitors looking for an amazing experience.

Java & Jam Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Java & Jam

Located downtown next to Yolo, you can find coffee connoisseurs, breakfast lovers, and business power lunches at perhaps one of the trendiest and finest café shop named Java & Jam. What makes this Café one of a kind is that they understand the dynamics of what a coffee shop is all about. Right as you walk in, customers can place their order with the barista ranging from coffee, pastries, overnight oats, and more to go at their coffee bar. Allowing people with a strict schedule to keep Java & Jam close to their heart. Diners can experience a robust savor menu of made in house dishes. From breakfast classics to lunch staples to hearty and healthy options with a selection of breakfast inspired cocktails. If your mouth is watering like ours, we understand, but it's not just the food and cute design of the café that makes it the place to be.

Java & Jam cultivated an atmosphere for working or socializing and understand what brought their guests in that day. If it’s to socialize, they will hold a conversation with you to enhance the experience. If it's business or to get some study work done, they know how to handle it. This is why they have regulars like it's nobody's business. Outside of customer engagement, you can tell there is a family spirit between the team, which is key to establishing a fantastic culture. This promotes productivity, welcomes guests, and creates a warm environment that everyone enjoys. So if you are looking to be part of an excellent Café shop, Java & Jam might be it.

El Camino

Placed in the heart of Las Olas El Camino is a spot you can’t miss. From the warm lit-up patio to the indoor and outdoor artistic design, the restaurant creates a vibrant atmosphere that is very well known in the area. Simply by walking by, people can smell the Mexican cuisine and develop FOMO. Even though El Camino's culinary program is impeccable, their cocktail lineup complements and brings everything together. If anybody would ask, their Mojitos and Margheritas are a go-to, but enough about cocktails and food. Besides all, you might be wondering what it's like working there. Servers and Bartenders can find themselves in an excellent monetary place because of its location. Due to their set up and execution, El Camino is always a busy spot that creates a line out the door.

Casablanca Café, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Casablanca Café

Located on Fort Lauderdale beach, Casablanca Café is the oldest building by the beach. The story goes that the house was built before Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd was even a thing. The government ultimately wanted to build the A1A road and paid the owner a hefty penny. Since then, the building went from being a home to an office and finally becoming one of Fort Lauderdale's spots. From breakfast to dinner, the restaurant never has any empty seats. Is it because of their solid menu? Yes, but the art lies with their fantastic service that represents hospitality to its core.

TAKATO Japanese Korean Fusion Restaurant located at Conrad Fort Lauderdale


TAKATO restaurant brings an unparalleled Japanese Korean Fusion restaurant to the Fort Lauderdale Oceanfront like no other. Led by Executive Chef Taek Lee, who trains and leads a world-class hospitality team with an uncompromising commitment to quality. As one of South Florida's most accomplished chefs with a career spanning more than 20 years at some of the nation's leading restaurants. His experience and knowledge sharing with his team can be recognized instantly from the cuisine to the beverage program. The details are impeccable, and diners aren't afraid to share it either. For some people, Chef Taek Lee and his team have set a new standard for the dining scene in the city that will attract driven and quality talent from all places. Apply here to become part of the TAKATO team.

Establishments such as these are the heart and soul of hospitality and tend to attract high-quality talent that is focused on creating an experience for their guests. If you love tropical scenery and vibrant team atmospheres. Fort Lauderdale might be one of the perfect new destinations to look for your next job opportunity in hospitality.