Claudiane Philippe Founder of Nail the Cocktail and How She Nailed it!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

"Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” according to Jule Styne... but do diamonds make your taste buds go wild? No! Other than being pretty, shiny, and attracting some of the wrong people, diamonds really aren’t a great best friend. Let’s make a tiny tweak and change the saying to “Cocktails are a girl’s best friend.” Why tweak this? Cocktails come in all different sizes, shapes and flavors. They can take you on a never-ending journey of excitement where you can connect with wonderful bartenders, mixologists and managers, who care about providing the best service. This journey will transport you to the vibrant world of cocktails, where you can connect over the craft and passion that goes into each sip.

It’s to this world that Claudiane took herself. She became the proud Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nail the Cocktail, a brand dedicated to the world of Mixology best known for its strong Instagram following. How did Claudiane start her journey? Four years ago she bought a DSLR camera that she could not afford to turn her mission into a reality of informing people with the best cocktail places in Boston. Consider her Instagram page as the map to the hidden treasures of the secret world of cocktails.

A mind filled with creativity and drive always recognizes gaps in any market and turns them into opportunity. This is exactly how Claudiane’s mind operates, as she recognized that nobody was talking about the cocktail scenery in Boston and decided to put her focus there. When she started Nail the Cocktail on Instagram, it only had a small following. However, that started to change rapidly as the quality of her work improved each day. She has now blossomed into a success recognized by Forbes.

What made this possible for her?

Claudiane’s history of experience shows that she isn’t the person that waits for success to come her way. While in college, she bartended and did so for 7 years of her life to cover expenses. Now if you’ve come to the conclusion that her brand is successful in the hospitality industry because she was a bartender, think again! While it helps her connect and relate with people who work in the industry, it’s not the reason behind her success. Her success is due to the fact that she is never satisfied and strives for excellence in her work which makes her brand better every day. Addition to all of this Claudiane surrounds herself with great people who supported her in ways that help her with her mission of becoming the best cocktail influencer. By having the right mindset such as this allows her to reach new heights, and she has the success to prove it.

As Danny Meyer said, “A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.”

Claudiane shows that she cares through her personality which also contributes to her growth. She does this by her sharing her love for cocktails and answering any questions her Instagram audience may have about cocktails. Which makes her one of the most engaging cocktail influencers out there. (just ask her followers)

Outside of Nail the Cocktail, Claudiane is also nailing her full-time job as a Data Analytics Consultant in healthcare. Balancing her 9-5 job and as well as her job as a social media influencer for the hospitality industry is harder than balancing a tray of martinis in one-hand. In living this duality, Claudiane has woven strong ties with bartenders, restaurant managers, marketing professionals, patrons and, most importantly, her followers. Over these last few years, Claudiane has turned herself into one of Boston’s most respected food and beverage influencers, but she’s not done yet. Her long-term goal is to open her own speakeasy bar in Boston! Giving those cocktail lovers something, even more, to look forward to.

If you wondered why she chose the name "Nail the Cocktail", it's simple - a nice manicure keeps her sane! After reading this article, do you really want a diamond? Seems like you’d be better off with a Mai Tai.

“I think everyone deserves respect at first and from there you can lose it or keep it” – Claudiane Philippe

Tips from Claudiane Philippe

  • Take a professional approach to everything.

  • Build your personal brand to whatever path you are taking

  • College students have the perfect opportunity to work on their personal brand due to their schedule. (It’s also easier to work on a personal blog if you live in the city)

  • If you are trying to start your blog make sure everything is consistent. For example your social media handle should be the same as your domain/ website.

  • What do you bring to the table that sets you apart? Think about what other tools you can bring outside of what the position requires from you.

  • Look at what the company is lacking and if you can bring value in that area.

  • Developing a large network/being well connected gives you a host of opportunities

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