Disney characters who are hospitality heroes

Not everyone is suited for the hospitality industry, but those who do tend to take the spotlight. Take these Disney characters, for example, and their unforgettable performances. If it weren’t for their unique flare stemming from their hospitality careers, they wouldn’t be as memorable or imitable in real life. Here’s our punch list.

Chef Louis

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Chef Louis pirouettes around the kitchen, singing as he prepares the meal for the prince and his guests. Louis’ short time on screen is jam-packed with passion for food. He infamously tries to make our supporting hero, Sebatian, a part of the main course. Luckily he fails miserably, but he is relentless. A kitchen would be so lucky to employ a chef with such passion and vigor!


Cinderella is a character of strength and service in the film named after her. Following her father’s death, she is left in the care of an evil stepmother and two stepsisters, she tirelessly lives to serve them and maintain her family’s estate. She’s denied every luxury, including sentimental heirlooms, and required to do things that normally require a team of six: clean, cook, sew, dust, garden, tend to animals, polish--and everything else that comes with owning a grandiose residence. And she doesn’t complain, ever. She’s an operations and maintenance powerhouse. Luckily, her fairy godmother steps in and she lives happily ever after and retires from the cinders.


There is no greater mâitre d’ than Lumière, the faithful, loyal, and hospitable servant in Beauty and the Beast. He is kind and well-respected amongst his peers, and ultimately the beast’s confidante, providing him with suggestions and advice. His end goal is to break the spell so that everyone’s lives can return to normal. He even leads a rebellion against the movie’s villain, Gaston. He is a shining example of how leadership and empathy plays an important role in hospitality.

Philoctetes (Phil)

Phil is the supportive fitness trainer in Hercules, a Disney production modeled after the Greek myth about the strongest man in the world. He is a satyr (half-man, half-goat) who had a bad run training heroes of the times. Each suffered a humiliating or even fateful end to their valiant careers. He is loyal to Hercules, and even overcomes his own moral dilemmas to do the right thing. His dedication, moral conviction, and passion for physical fitness made Hercules a hero worthy of a constellation.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, after whom the Disney musical film was named, is one of the most cherished characters in the history of Disney films. She’s a nanny that comes to the dysfunctional Banks family and changes their lives by using her method (and magic) to create peace and order in their world. She’s the cunning epitome of etiquette, infusing joy and spontaneity into the lives of Jane and Michael. Through a series of events, she’s able to transform the lives of the suffering characters through small, precious acts of goodness. You’ll see the same skill and finesse in the wheelhouse of most successful hospitality professionals.


Orville is the feathery pilot in Disney’s The Rescuers, a film about two mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca, who are on a mission to save an abducted orphan named Penny. Orville is critical to their success, and he proudly accommodates them in the most dangerous of circumstances. Between fireworks strikes, emergency landings, and a host of other perilous (and scorching) factors, Orville remained steadfast to the mission. Most pilots possess the same dedication to their jobs going above and beyond the call of duty.

Anyone working in hospitality can identify with these characters. It takes effort, talent, individuality, and above all, grit to do this exceptional work!

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