Learn About TAKATO Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated: May 8

One of the newest restaurants located on the oceanfront of Fort Lauderdale is TAKATO,

a Japanese Korean Fusion inspired restaurant. Starting with modern contemporary design, the establishment brings a refreshing and very luxurious look at Fort Lauderdale's dining scenery. The cuisine is at the utmost highest quality customers can expect. Carried out by Executive Chef Taek Lee, one of South Florida's most accomplished chefs, trains and leads a world-class hospitality team with an uncompromising commitment to quality. From Sushi, Wagu, Grilled Branzino, and more, all food needs a robust beverage program to complement the flavors, and that's what TAKATO does. Bartenders who work there understand the complexity of spirits and how using fresh ingredients makes all the difference. Although pairing flavors is the core of creating delicious cocktails. The bar team is thought to craft drinks properly and in style, enforcing the experience diners receive. Their continuation of striving for the best service for their guests is what fills up the seats since the moment they opened their doors.

Continue reading below to learn more about their open positions, or apply here to become part of the TAKATO team.

Table of contents:

Host/ Hostess

Busser/ Food Runner

Server/ Waiter/ Waitress



Host/ Hostess

Host/Hostess sets the tone for the service guests will receive. At TAKATO, they can expect to place reservations from tourists, locals, and lodgers staying in the Conrad hotel, which is where the restaurant is located. Like most people in this position, responsibilities: include greeting guests, providing accurate wait times, and escorting customers to the dining and bar areas. Apply here

Food Runner/ Busser

Food Runner/ Bussers have a significant impact on the restaurant's operations. During their busiest time, Hosts/Hostesses, Servers, Bartenders, and managers rely on people in this role to serve plates, glasses, silverware, refilling beverages, and clean tables. This is important to limit waiting times and maintain a clean table to support the dining experience. Apply here.


Servers can be seen as the heart of the dining experience. The General Manager, Bartenders, Cooks, and Chefs rely on people in this role to engage with their guests on an emphatic level and not service by default. Since TAKATO is on the high end and luxurious end of dining, diners expect to receive a memorable experience they want to come back for. Apply here


Barbacks support the bar program. People who start in this position most of the time are looking to work their way up to become a bartender. At TAKATO, Barback's first step is to assist with bar opening, closing procedures and perform various behind-the-bar tasks, such as restocking the bar and preparing garnishes. In time you will be considered to transition into a Bartender position. When this happens, you will be taught proper Japanese bartending techniques with a TAKATO twist. Apply here


Bartenders at TAKATO are taught to bartend in a Japanese style, which is unique, elegant, and interesting for guests to observe. If a guest orders an Old Fashioned at the bar, they can expect a poised posture while the whiskey is being stirred with the ingredients. For the guest, it builds up anticipation to have that first taste. Bartenders at TAKATO are expected to create classic and innovative drinks exceeding customers' needs and expectations. Apply here

Want to be part of a one-of-a-kind restaurant and leaders in hospitality then TAKATO might be the new workplace for you. Click the link here to find open positions.