Learn How To Maintain Your Restaurant/ Hotel Staff

1. The Culture:

As an employer you expect your team to give it their all every day. Establishing a great culture is crucial to receive those results but more important to maintain your employees their loyalty. If your employees aren't satisfied with the current culture at work, then you are doing something wrong. Which will create the opposite results of what you desire. Building a great starts by answering the most critical points that build a great culture for a Hospitality business?

  • A staff that’s passionate about their work

  • Employees that are fulfilled when serving guests

  • Managers that have integrity and strength of character

  • Hiring practices that prioritize attitude and emotional intelligence over industry aptitude

  • Fair, honest, and trustworthy leadership that leads by example and coaches the staff to succeed

  • A working environment that supports and encourages the development of innovative ideas and experimentation

2. They Hate Co-Workers That Don't Perform

As a manager, it is crucial you hold everyone accountable for their performance. It happens more than often that your best performers become aggravated that management still hasn't decided to terminate the poor performers. If no action is taken, it can escalate into worse scenarios. Such as:

  • Adding stress to your great employees.

  • They need to start doing double the work.

  • Cover more shifts for those low performers and more.

When no change for the better happens, your superstar employee that is making your business run smoothly will find a management team somewhere else that does recognize great performance over low performance. Take action here!

3. No Room For Career Growth

Career opportunities, career opportunities, and career opportunities! We can't stress this enough how much your employees demand this. Every single one of your team members has some sort of career aspirations regardless of what position they are in. Especially with the new generations. According to Deloitte 2018 report states that 48% of Millennials and 44% Generation Z want opportunities for continues learning. If you don't address any opportunities for growth within your business, it communicates to them that there is little to no room for career growth and will look for places that do offer those benefits.

4. You Don't Treat Them Correctly

Your employees are like your customers, and your customers are what makes your business run. So you treat them with respect and honesty, and the same applies to your employees. They are one of a kind, and they are part of the engine that makes your business move forward. Therefore it is essential you treat them with respect and honesty. Addition to those two points you should reward and support them for the work they put in for your business. This can range from a thank you, to an after-work employee event for their excellent work, and more. What it comes down to here is that you remind them that they have a purpose within your business, that they matter and make a significant impact on the daily operations.

5. You Don't Invest In The Design Or The Equipment Of Your Business

The design and the equipment that a business uses is what separates the elite ones from the amateur ones. The ability to create a fantastic experience for your customers starts with the capability of your employees using the tools effectively that are around them. From the architecture and design to the quality of your drinks and food. To your POS system that allows your customers for a smooth check out. These elements play a huge role because they create and enhance the experience for your customer that your employees are trying to develop. If you fail to keep to keep everything up to date, your employees will start to feel that the operation of your business isn't running as smoothly and eventually will begin to develop a frustration for it. This can cause a chain effect towards your customers and ruin their experience. Now that your customers are having a bad experience you can also expect your that employees to look for a business that does invest for improvement, to create the best experience they can for their employees and customers.

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