National “Work Like a Dog Day” has us Wagging

It’s no wonder dogs are “man’s best friend.” Humans and dogs have worked side by side since the dawn of time—as hunters, as farmers, laborers, and aides—sharing a common physical and emotional conviction. At some point, the phrase “work like a dog,” was born, and today, we celebrate the grit and dedication of our canine friends with a national holiday.

We’d like to call attention to one of our local, hard-working heroes, who made an impact at a

Boston-based hotel and recognized leader in hospitality.

A Tribute to Catie Copley

In 2004, black Labrador, Catie Copley, joined the team of staff at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston’s Copley Plaza. After developing small cataracts during her short career as a seeing-eye dog, she became a staple at the iconic hotel, leading the Canine Ambassador’s program. Often seen perched at the red-carpeted entrance of the hotel, her kind and friendly demeanor was put to work to welcome guests, accompany them for walks, and serve as a community liaison. Her tenure made her an icon in the city, as she was featured in two published stories Catie Copley and Catie Copley's Great Escape. She even has a duck boat named after her.

Catie lived a wonderful live and passed away in 2017, leaving behind a beautiful legacy and memories for the hundreds of hotel guests that befriended her. Today, Carly Copley follows in her pawsteps, leading the ambassador program. The Fairmont adopted her from the Animal Rescue League of Boston and she lives to serve as her predecessor once did.

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