Talent takes over for a dining experience that’s never boring

A takeover that doesn’t end in defeat, but a victory for all? It happens in One South End, Boston speakeasy-style restaurant every six months. Behold the culinary incubator program: a rotating kitchen that invites up-and-coming chefs into the limelight to share their gifts with the world. Adventurous foodies of Boston rejoice! And reserve a table at Wink and Nod, if you haven’t already.

A sweet stage for savory players

It’s just one brainchild of many for Boston Nightlife Ventures, a company dedicated to hospitality endeavors that invites all kinds of talent--from the warehouse, to the kitchen, to the office--to unify and create award-winning projects.

The Wink and Nod model is unique, because it gives chefs a stage to test their material, but also gives servers, bartenders, and managers an opportunity to expand their food and beverage knowledge, adhere to a new and exciting theme, and even update decor and plateware. The current culinary exhibit is called Hush, operated by Chef David Daniels, and serves up a delightful array of modern American dishes. Many chefs that held a residency at Wink and Nod went on to run successful restaurants of their own.

But dream teams don’t happen overnight. And much like BNV’s approach to restaurant projects, the same collaboration must be used at a smaller scale to make the dream work--especially when the product changes so frequently. If you’ve worked for a new or changed-over restaurant, then you’ll appreciate the talent it takes to run it.

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